Traffic Signalization Northwest Ohio

Traffic Signalization - Pburg SR25 and IndianaTraffic Signal Contractors –  Toledo, Waterville, Wood County (Bowling Green)

Efficiency, effectiveness and safety of traffic flow are our goals while planning traffic engineering projects.

We also keep in mind that as the planet ages, there will be more vehicles on the roads and increasing numbers of people walking the sidewalks and crossways. Completing our projects on or ahead of schedule is another top priority.


Proudfoot designs traffic signalization, including signals, signs and pavement markings. We investigate locations with high accident rates and develop countermeasures to reduce the number of accidents.

We prepare traffic flow management plans for construction projects and provide estimates for the impacts of proposed commercial developments on traffic patterns. We also provide research for safe and efficient traffic flow on sidewalks and crosswalks. We provide corridor studies, signal studies and design, traffic/parking studies – impact and safety and maintenance of traffic plans.

At Proudfoot, use the latest civil engineering software during the planning stages to help ensure that our designs are well-tested and based on actual traffic measurements. When they’re completed, our traffic studies and designs help communities with safer streets and easily accessible business districts, and we can say: Mission accomplished.

Our Traffic & Signalization Work Examples

Check out the gallery for some of our featured Traffic signalization work.