Designing & Building Recreational Trails

Slippery Elm Trail

Recreational Trails Builders Northwest Ohio – Toledo, Maumee, Wood County, Bowling Green, Waterville

Safety is our #1 concern when constructing recreational trails. We have designed shared use, hiking and biking trails in a number of areas in Northwestern Ohio, including Perrysburg, Waterville, Bowling Green (Wood county) and North Baltimore.

Trails for pedestrians and bicyclists are often found along abandoned or active railroad and utility right-of-ways, waterways, limited access highways, and within parks and other open space areas. Along high-volume, high-speed roads, these trails can be safer than sidewalks and bike lanes. They can also be used when existing roads provide the only right-of-way available.

It’s important to know that recreational trails are a complement to the roadway network, and not a substitute for providing access on streets. We make sure all recreational trails we construct meet the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Good planning and design of recreational trails is crucial and can maximize long-term benefits and reduce future maintenance problems, including erosion.

Our Recreational Trails Work

We have vast experience in designing & building trails for all of recreational types and purposes. Check out some of our work in this area.