1887, Joseph Hoffman; The Toledo Surveyors
Porter McDonnell
Porter McDonnell; McDonnell and Associates

We’re proud of our heritage; our owners’ stories, and the evolution of our Native American owned business. For us, that’s more than enough. For you, our clients, it means even more.

Working with a local minority owned business puts your business in a position for not only developing sustainable business relationships, and positively impacting your community, but can also make your company eligible for several federal and state tax incentives.

Proudfoot is a certified Minority Business Enterprise which offers minority-owned businesses more stability through access to funding, surety bonds, low interest loans, and tax incentives. This allows us to focus on your needs while backing our services with the protection and power of an enterprise level corporation.

Since 1967 when Paul Proudfoot bought the business now known as Proudfoot Associates, the company has been focused on impacting the surrounding communities; helping cities achieve sustainable growth with infrastructure designed through innovative engineering.

Paul Proudfoot, Native American descendant
Paul Proudfoot, Native American descendant

With nearly 1.5 million Native Americans living in Ohio and Michigan today, we love knowing our heritage aligns with theirs; and we are helping make their communities better.


Being proud of our Native American owned brand is about so much more than merely gaining accessible resources for us; or tax breaks for you – it’s about building on a legacy of pride, quality, and innovation that continues to help communities prosper with safe, aesthetically pleasing, sound roadways, waterlines, bridges, traffic signals, and highways.

Paul’s son, Paul II, now leads the helm along with Vice Presidents Thomas Yurysta and Lee Rausch. To schedule an appointment with either of them, please call 419-865-7195 or email